Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about The Arcade.

Updates and Chat Roles

How can I join The Arcade's update group?

Group joiners can be found at any of our participating vendors’ main stores. Or join by clicking here.

How can I chat in The Arcade's update group?

To be granted chat privileges, please send a notecard with your request to our Head Moderator, Marianne McCann.

Bloggers and Designers

How are designers invited as vendors for The Arcade?

Content creators are invited to take part in The Arcade not only because of a demonstrated commitment to the quality of their merchandise but also for their unique perspectives as artists. The result is a well-rounded collection of must-have attire, goods and novelties to delight and enthrall gacha shoppers. Visitors will discover something special for everyone at The Arcade.

How does my brand apply to be an Arcade vendor?

Currently, we do not accept vendor applications. The Arcade event is “invite only.” We thank you, however, for your interest.

How do I request to blog for The Arcade?

Currently, we do not accept blogger requests. The Arcade event is “invite only.” We thank you, however, for your interest.


How does my brand become an Arcade sponsor?

For more information on sponsoring The Arcade, fill out the form below or send a notecard inquiry to TheArcadeGachaEvents Resident.


Where is The Arcade and when does it open?

The Arcade is located on The Arcade and The Arcade 2 simulators, and opens quarterly throughout the year: March, June, September, and December.

I can't teleport into the event. Why?

The Arcade is open during the following months: March, June, September, and December. The venue is set to private during off-event months to prepare for upcoming events.

The Arcade’s opening week is the busiest. We encourage you to be patient and promise that you’ll eventually get in.

I can't see anything at the event; The machines aren't loading. How do I shop?

To deter lag, we at The Arcade restart the sim daily and keep its avatar count at a reasonable number. If you’re experiencing lag, we suggest wearing a full body alpha, detaching all attachments and huds, and de-rendering avatars around you. If your shopping experience continues to suffer, we suggest that you re-visit the event at a different time or day. The Arcade runs for an entire month, allowing customers enough time to purchase their gacha goods at their leisure.

Help! Someone is griefing the event! Who do I tell?

Please contact TheArcadeGachaEvents Resident or Marianne McCann to report venue griefing.

Player Rewards

What is a Player Reward?

Player Rewards are special no-transfer prizes that are dispensed upon your 25th play. They are only made available during The Arcade’s current round, and retire after its duration.

Which brands are participating in Player Rewards?

Participating brands will have a golden frame in front of their machine. You may also find their Player Rewards on our shopping guide.

Where can I see all the Player Rewards?

For information on Player Rewards featured in our event, please visit The Arcade’s Shopping Guide.

How many plays do I need to receive a Player Reward?

On your 25th play in participating machines, you’ll receive a Player Reward. Click on the gold frame in front of the machine to find out how many plays remain until you receive one.

I accidentally declined my Player Reward. How do I have it redelivered?

Simply touch the golden frame in front of the gacha machine to have your Player Reward re-delivered.

Gacha Prizes

Where can I see all of the prizes that The Arcade's offering?

For information on prizes featured in our event, please visit The Arcade’s Shopping Guide.

I played a gacha machine, but never received my prize. What should I do?

If a prize isn’t delivered, please contact the designer whose machine you played with transaction details.

I won a prize that doesn't work/is broken/has wrong permissions. Who do I tell?

Please alert the creator of the item as soon as possible via notecard, outlining any issues or problems the prize may have so that they can quickly resolve a fix for it.

What is the probability of winning a rare?

The probability of winning a rare in an Arcade machine is automatically generated based on the number of items. (It cannot be manually set by the designers.)

The gacha uses random numbers to determine whether an avatar wins a rare or a common! It’s important to note that since the numbers are randomized, we cannot guarantee exact proportions are allocated of any particular item. Statistically, if you play forever, you will end up with roughly half as many of a rare as you would a common.

The following formula is used: The number of rares are divided by the total number of items, multiplied by 0.5 (approximately one half), and multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.

Can I play for prizes from previous Arcade events?

Click here to see whether or not a gacha machine is still available for play. If a gacha machine is not listed, it is currently unavailable due to the designer’s discretion.

Can I buy this gacha item directly from a store owner?

Gachas cannot be individually sold to customers from store owners, out of fairness to those who have played. They may only be available in gacha machines during and after the event’s completion.

Trading and Resell

Where can I trade my extra Arcade prizes?

Our update group doubles up as a trading channel. This moderated chat is the perfect place to find what you are looking for. Click here to read the official rules before initiating any trades.Please be careful with any third party exchanges. Because we have no means of resolving transactions where the item was not received, Arcade Staff cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any promise, contract, deal, bargain or agreement made by and between members of The Arcade’s update group. While you may have a valid agreement with other members, The Arcade is not a party to, and cannot resolve, your dispute.

Where can I resell my extra Arcade prizes?

There is no official channel for reselling.



If you have any questions about The Arcade that are not covered in our FAQ or elsewhere on our website, you can email us at: You can also contact us in-world by sending a notecard to TheArcadeGachaEvents Resident. No brand or blog submissions, please.