Group Chat

The Arcade’s group chat is a great place to make new friends and trade those extra Arcade prizes. We offer this moderated channel to bring the Arcade community together. The group enjoys a lively member base, where Arcade-focused trades and conversation are encouraged. Click here to join.


Please Note: In order to maintain the quality of your experience, we have three important rules we’d like everyone to abide by. Those who refuse to follow these rules risk being removed from the group:

  • Be respectful
    Disrespectful language towards fellow chat members, moderators, and Arcade staff will not be tolerated. The Arcade reserves the right to determine what constitutes disrespectful behavior and to take any and/or all action in response.
  • Trades Only
    The Arcade Gacha Events group is for ARCADE TRADES ONLY. You may not suggest, encourage, or discuss re-selling and advertising of gacha items. SLURLS, landmarks, and pricing will not be allowed in chat, instant messages, or in third party documents. This means you cannot use The Arcade trade chat as a platform to share your SLURLS, landmarks, and pricing of your gacha items.
  • The Arcade Focus
    Please maintain Arcade focus in the group channel. Official Arcade event slurls, The Arcade Website, and trading documents can be posted. To minimize confusion, the trading of non-Arcade transferable items are not permitted in this group chat. If you choose to share your trade list in group chat, be sure it’s comprised of Arcade items only. Trade lists including items from other gacha events shouldn’t be shared in The Arcade’s group chat. Please modify your lists accordingly.


Lead Chat Moderator: Marianne McCann
Chat Bot: ArchibaldGachum Resident

  • Andel Rhiadra
  • Cory Figaro
  • DreamsDesire Starfall
  • Elizabeth Sachin
  • Emilyy Kira
  • IllusionEternal
  • Ithilwenrose
  • Jessie Dannitza
  • Kyla Eberhart
  • Late Billig
  • Marianne McCann
  • Nyissah Freese
  • Phoenix Redenblack
  • Silverchild2,
  • Yummy Gloom


To join The Arcade – Gacha Events group, please visit any of our participating vendor’s shops and click the group joiner. You can also click here to open a group joiner in your viewer.


To receive the chat role once you’ve joined the group, send a notecard with your request to moderator Marianne McCann (no Instant Messages).


The Arcade has the following suggestions to enhance your trading experience:

  • Verify that the person you would like to trade with is a member of The Arcade – Gacha Events group. Only members should reply to your trade requests.
  • Insist on meeting in an area with Build enabled.
  • Rez your gacha item(s) to verify the trade is correct.
  • Do not begin a trade if there is a possibility that the person with whom you are trading is away from their computer.


There may be an instance where your trading partner has suddenly disappeared. Below are some steps you may want to take if this occurs:

  • Leave an offline and wait for the person to come back. It is possible that they may have crashed or lost internet connectivity.
  • Please do not accuse the individual in group chat, by avatar name or chat logs (regardless of the outcome) – this goes against our rule of respecting one another.
  • If a substantial amount of time passes and an item is not returned or exchanged, block the individual so that this will not occur again in the future.


Because The Arcade Staff has no means of resolving transactions where the item was not received:

The Arcade Staff cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any promise, contract, deal, bargain or agreement made by and between members of The Arcade Gacha Events group. While you may have a valid agreement with other members, The Arcade Gacha Events is not a party to, and cannot resolve, your dispute.

Please contact the individuals involved and resolve your issue with them. The Arcade team and its vendors are not responsible for failed trade transactions and no support for such transactions is available.