The Owners

Co-Founder, Event Organizer

Octagons “Pizza/Pizzy” Yazimoto-Hancroft is a pizza and slurpee enthusiast. She is a Second Life event coordinator and manager. She currently owns Collabor88 and co-owns Luxe Box and Prism Events. In her spare time she wastes her life away playing games, buying makeup, playing with Snapchat filters and coming up with fun creative projects for herself. She enjoys cold beverages, air conditioning, receiving mail, pictures of cute animals, Sailor Moon, all the music everyone hates, cheese, manicures, ham and her dogs Bambi and Gina. “No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys.” – Some card at Kohl’s a long time ago.

Co-Founder, Operations Director

Katharine McGinnis is the imaginator, creator, and owner of the store Intrigue Co., an eclectic brand that made its debut in Second Life in May 2009. The store is infamous for its variety of pajamas, glasses, and other novelty items that can be found on the Intrigue Co homestead. Katharine’s creations have been featured in official Linden Lab marketing and have also made cameos in various tutorials for Second Life residents.In May 2012, Katharine was recruited to become the official paintbrush behind the breedable: Fennux. These whimsical creatures made their grid debut later that year in December 2012, and continue to blissfully hop about the grid today.Self taught in various platforms such as Photoshop, Blender, and zBrush, Katharine strives to utilize Second Life’s virtual platform to express her inner creativity.

Co-Founder, Artistic Director

Emery Milneaux is a freelance artist in his first life, specializing in graphic design, web design and illustration. He joined Second Life in July of 2009 and in 2010, opened Common Grounds coffee house, where he continues to host open mic nights and a thriving book club. In 2011, he expanded Common Grounds to include a neighboring gift shop: Commoner. Since its opening, Commoner has had the privilege of participating in some of SL’s most popular shopping events. Currently, Emery keeps busy as an Events Organizer. In addition to his role at The Arcade, Emery co-owns Prism Events (known for their seasonal shopping events: Bloom, Salem and Tannenbaum.)

The Staffers