The Arcade invites you to commemorate a new month of shopping, fun and exploration with our eighth photography contest! Fun, nostalgic, quirky or dramatic; alone or in couples and groups – submit any sort of photo you want, so long as it follows the guidelines below:


  1. Title your picture “The Arcade Photography Contest – Your Name Here”
  2. Credit a minimum of 5 gacha items (September, 2016 Arcade round) from 5 different brands used in your entry within the photo’s description.
  3. Submit it to our Flickr group: The Arcade Official Flickr Group
  4. Comment your entry on the official contest poster! We ask that entries are placed in the comments of the official poster so that your entries do not get overlooked.


  • Entries must showcase a minimum of five items from five different stores purchased from the current Arcade (September, 2016).
  • There’s no limit to the number of photos you may submit, but each photo must be submitted by one resident only. Duplicate entries for the same photo are not allowed.
  • Photos should be tasteful. No nudity.
  • By entering the contest, you acknowledge that The Arcade may use your submitted image(s) for promotional purposes and in marketing materials.


First Place:

  • ANC Ltd – L$1500 gift card
  • Ariskea – L$5000 gift card
  • Azoury – All Azoury releases for 3 months
  • Birdy – L$5000 gift card
  • Black Bantam – Custom name plated necklace + all Arcade rares
  • Blueberry – L$5000 store credit
  • Bueno – L$3000 store credit
  • Commoner – L$1000 gift card
  • Fancy Decor – L$2000 gift card
  • Fawny – 3 complete Fawny gacha blogger packs
  • Flowey – L$1000 store credit
  • Ingenue – L$5000 store credit
  • MishMish – L$2000 gift card
  • Moon Amore – L$5000 store credit
  • R(S)W – L$1000 gift certificate
  • Reign – L$2000 store credit
  • Reverie – L$5000 gift card
  • Sway’s – L$1500 store credit
  • Sweet Thing – L$5000 gift card
  • Tableau Vivant – L$2500 store credit
  • Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website

Second Place:

  • ANC Ltd – L$1000 gift card
  • Ariskea – L$3000 gift card
  • Azoury – All Azoury releases for 2 months
  • Birdy – L$3000 gift card
  • Black Bantam – L$500 store gift card + all Arcade commons
  • Blueberry – L$2500 store credit
  • Bueno – L$2000 store credit
  • Commoner – L$500 gift card
  • Fancy Decor – L$1000 gift card
  • Fawny – 2 complete Fawny gacha blogger packs
  • Flowey – L$500 store credit
  • Ingenue – L$2500 store credit
  • MishMish – L$1000 gift card
  • Moon Amore – L$2500 store credit
  • R(S)W – L$500 gift certificate
  • Reign – L$1500 store credit
  • Reverie – L$2500 gift card
  • Sway’s – L$1000 store credit
  • Sweet Thing – L$2000 gift card
  • Tableau Vivant – L$1500 store credit
  • Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website

Third Place:

  • ANC Ltd – L$500 gift card
  • Ariskea – L$1500 gift card
  • Azoury – All Azoury releases for 1 month
  • Birdy – L$1000 gift card
  • Black Bantam – L$500 store gift card
  • Blueberry – L$100 store credit
  • Bueno – L$1000 store credit
  • Commoner – L$250 gift card
  • Fancy Decor – L$500 gift card
  • Fawny – 1 complete Fawny gacha blogger packs
  • Flowey – L$250 store credit
  • Ingenue – L$1000 store credit
  • MishMish – L$500 gift card
  • Moon Amore – L$1000 store credit
  • R(S)W – L$250 gift certificate
  • Reign – L$1000 store credit
  • Reverie – L$1500 gift card
  • Sway’s – L$500 store credit
  • Sweet Thing – L$1000 gift card
  • Tableau Vivant – L$1000 store credit
  • Your photo featured on The Arcade’s website


Contest opens: Thursday, September 1, 2016
Contest closes: Friday, September 30, 2016 11:59 PM SLT
Winners announced: October, 2016 (Exact date TBD)


Submitted images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit. All decisions made by the judges are final.

The Arcade owners, staff, and employees of event sponsors are not eligible to win prizes.

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