A real yarn about Archie

A real yarn about Archie

Lots of Arcade fans like Archibald “Archie” Gachum — and then there’s Millie (Second Life® name, milDREAD Fitzgerald). I LOVE Archie,” says Millie.” Every time I see him, I want to pull him out of the screen and snuggle him.”

So she did what any reasonable Second Life® Resident would do, and made an Archie of her very own!

Archie in Crochet

“This plush Archie is 100% crochet with removable clothes and little wire glasses. He took about a week to make because I had to take pieces of him to work with me in a bag and sneak time in here and there to crochet when management wasn’t around. Y’know… priorities.”

Her Archie even features its very own camera, much like the one you’ll see in his hands on the main page of the Arcade website! She used her own camera — alas, not made of fabric — to share some shots of Archie around town and in his element: at an Arcade, of course!

Archie on love tester machine

“Every Arcade I have him with me as a good luck charm, and he works,” says Millie. “He was very fun to make, and I’m just happy I can finally cuddle an Archie.”

Millie even has her own Etsy store. Maybe she’ll create an Archie for you, too!


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