Just in time for the fall season, Common Grounds has updated its menu to include Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Visit Common Grounds at The Vordun and grab your free PSL today! (Available for a limited time.)

Common Grounds introduced its very first satellite location at The Vordun’s grand re-opening in July, 2019. The original Common Grounds first opened in 2010. Through open mic nights and a thriving book club, Common Grounds offered a fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere, where SL residents could meet up with old friends or make new ones! Still today, many enjoy complimentary cups of coffee at the original Common Grounds, where it shares its space with Commoner’s main store.

After nine years, Common Grounds was thrilled to open a second location at The Vordun Museum and Gallery! Not unlike The Vordun, the virtual coffee house has undergone a massive face-lift. Its second location boasts a new design aesthetic with more seating options and fresh decor.


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