The Arcade is ready to get spooky this Halloween!

The Arcade is ready to get spooky this Halloween!

“Normally, the Arcade is closed in October, and the place settles down after the tourists leave, and before the holiday season. They say it’s just closed between rounds… but maybe there’s something more going on, something… sinister.”

The Arcade’s first-time pop-up Halloween Spooktacular! will soon be upon us, featuring spooky tricks and delightful treats worthy of the season.

Yet, that’s not the only thing, as the Arcade itself has gone “upside down” and revealed its darker side.

Check out these photos by Jake Vordun of Fancy Decor and the Vordun Gallery for a sneak peek at the Arcade in all its spooky finery.

Arcade's Halloween SpooktacularArcade's Halloween Spooktacular

Arcade's Halloween Spooktacular

One more surprise for those who have looked this far: you can take Archie’s head home with you this round too. A specially commissioned candy bucket shaped like Archie and made by MishMish’s Aime Takaaki will be available at the souvenir stand in front of the Arcade, for the very first time! Take a look at this beauty!

Special Archie Head Candy Bucet

The Arcade will open on the 6th of October — Be prepared!

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