The Arcade – Limited Edition Collector Sets

The Arcade - Limited Edition Collector's Plates

The Arcade’s collector plate and mugs are one of the event’s most cherished traditions. Each round, the talented Allegory Malaprop debuts a new pair to the collection which dates back to December 2012.

In September, our patrons will have the chance to complete their sets with the introduction with both a September 2012 and 2014 edition! The September 2012 features a classic photograph of The Arcade’s original sign. September 2014’s showcases the beloved mascot Archibald Gachum, celebrating The Arcade’s 2 year milestone with glee!

All sets have been brought out of retirement for a limited time only. If you’re missing any, be sure to visit from the 1st – 30th before they’re stored away once again.

You can locate these collector sets, among other souvenirs, toward the front of the venue (next to the concession stand).

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Written by thearcadesl