The Arcade… Too!

The Arcade… Too!

We know how difficult it can be to get into the Arcade sometimes. Only so many people can fit into a Second Life® region at a time — and it can be frustrating when your friends can get in, while you’re left with a cramp in your teleporting finger.

To help ease the burden, we introduced the Gacha Galley back in June of 2013 to provide “cam shopping” from off-region, and moved to our own, dedicated regions for the event in July of 2014.

In December of last year, as people struggled to get into our very popular seasonal round, we started a test, adding a second complete instance of the Arcade region, with all the same machines and infrastructure. The Arcade 2 was born.

For March, The Arcade 2 is back, and will open at Midnight on the first of the month along with The Arcade and Gacha Galley regions. Many already found the landmark to it in the pre-loader HUD.

We hope this will help ease some of the challenges with getting in during the early days of the event, allowing you to have more fun visiting the Arcade!

The Arcade
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